Learn When Functions Cause Problems and How to Solve it Using Pipes in Angular.

When will a function cause a performance problem?

How to create Components, Routes, and send/receive data via those Routes in Angular

  1. URL Parameter
  2. Query Parameter
  3. Extras State

URL Parameter


What is the problem with Angular Components?

Setup AWS credentials and install kubectl, eksctl on Ubuntu. Create Kubernetes cluster using eksctl.

AWS EKS Setup Cluster

Create Docker hub account and push Docker image.

Docker Hub

Learn how to create a Docker image, Create AWS ECR repo, configure AWS credentials and push the Docker image to AWS ECR.


Install AWS CLI and configure credentials.


Realtime use case of Kubernetes explained.

Kubernetes Master and Worker Node

In simple terms, the Kubernetes is used to run multiple Docker containers across nodes(multiple cloud servers).

Understand Docker First:


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