DevOps pipeline

Previously we have seen how to push the Docker image to the Docker hub using Jenkins. This article is a continuation of the previous article. In this article, we are going to see how to deploy the Docker image from the Docker hub to the Kubernetes cluster. This is the…

Learn what is Helm charts and how to use them.

Helm Chars for Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a very popular container orchestration tool. By using Kubernetes, you can easily deploy multiple containerized applications. Kubernetes uses the YAML file format for deploying the applications. Kubernetes had various components for deploying an application such as Pod, ConfigMap…

Learn how to create Docker image for your Angular Application using Dockerfile and push the Docker image to Docker Hub.

Dockerize Angular Application

Angular is a very popular JavaScript framework for designing and developing web applications. Angular is developed and maintained by the Google team. Many organisations use Angular for their web application…

K8s Volume Explained

The Pod in the Kubernetes cluster can not store the data permanently. Data created inside the Pod will be deleted when the Pod restarts or Pod is deleted. In order to store the data permanently, we need to use the storage object in the Kubernetes cluster. Say for example you…


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